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Target NTSE (National Talent Search Examination)/IIT-JEE Foundation for Student in 9th and 10th

  • 4 classes per week of 2 hours duration of each class
  • Class level will start from school and will go to higher level of IITJEE Foundation / NTSE.
  • Concept clarity in the topic will be ensured.
  • This course will be helpful in getting better marks in school exam and also help in developing IQ which results in developing the ability to think.
  • Helps develop competitive spirit in the students.
  • These classes / course will help in developing the competitive spirit in students.
  • 4 subject Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology will be taught by 4 different expert and experienced teachers
  • Assignments will be given and exams will be conducted for every module.
  • Course will be divided into 4 modules for 9th and 4 modules for 10th standard.
  • Each 2hrs duration of classes for each subject Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology will be given, so total 4 classes per week of 2hrs duration each which will ensure complete coverage of theory and content.
  • Class timings will be after 7:30 PM (Indian standard time) so it will late in the evening
  • Theory will be covered properly starting from school level to NTSE/IITJEE foundation level.
  • These are live online classes with small batch size. Since these are live online classes students can clear all their doubts in real time.
  • Monthly affordable fee structure
  • NTSE web link: